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While it is claimed in some quarters that MDMA is not addictive others warn people about the dangers of developing an addiction MDMA. A number of researchers have pointed out that the drug meets at least 50 percent of the requirements for a drug to be considered addictive. Other research attests that it has fewer addictive properties than substances such as tobacco and alcohol. In general, however, it is accepted that a number of users of this drug show certain characteristics representative of dependence. Individuals who take the drug on a daily basis and in large amounts face a far greater risk of falling victim to MDMA abuse.

Individuals who take MDMA over a long period of time may also suffer from serious damage to the brain, leading to problems like frequent forgetfulness or even some permanent memory loss. However, the serious long term effects of this drug are still hotly contested.

MDMA Abuse

What is sure is that confirmed reports indicate that MDMA can cause perception disorder because of its hallucinogenic properties. MDMA tolerance is a state in which the user requires extra quantities of the drug in order to reach their usual state. A small number of consumers of MDMA may face problems that are similar in nature to those that are induced by cocaine and amphetamine.

In the early stages of MDMA dependency, the feelings which result from taking only one tablet may endure for close to ten hours. Because of this, many addicts consider MDMA to be the ideal drug. MDMA continues to be celebrated for its ability to give users a sense of empathy and the strength and enthusiasm needed to party throughout the night. Users also claim to feel more love and take pleasure in a simple touch. However, the drug has been condemned in many cases of risk-taking sexual behavior when revelers are under the influence of the drug. This can result in dangerous exposure to diseases like HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

If MDMA were as ideal as many users believe, the drug wouldn’t cause any of the dangerous effects which have been witnessed in users. MDMA is risky because in many instances users mix it with other substances, including dangerous drugs like cocaine or heroin. All these drugs have major addictive properties and have been prohibited throughout the world.

It is rare to find pure MDMA and so users take it not knowing what other substances may be present. These substances may also be habit-forming. The potency of the MDMA dose may also be unpredictable and users who are already hooked on MDMA will continue taking mixed substances even though they may be unaware of their potency, or of which toxins are present in the MDMA pills.

Headlines about deaths caused by MDMA spring up from time to time in several parts of the world. From the Ukraine to the United States, young people have been known to take the drug while on a spree, go to night clubs, dance all night and later die. These deaths are often caused by the effects of dehydration when the body loses an excessive amount of water.

If you are anxious about a loved one who may be using or is already addicted to MDMA, be sure to intervene and seek help immediately.

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